Eternal Gaming

A Playstation and Xbox Gaming Community

Founded in 2020 with a precise goal

To build a community that is completely transparent with all decisions made. We focus on striving to be the best, whether it be the best competitive team, or the best family. Eternal Gaming will lead from the front in every aspect.

Our Mission

Professional Staff

Our team of dedicated staff pride themselves on professionalism. We strive to have clear and transparent communication and to provide level headed and unbiased leadership.


Community Focused

Above everything else, we strive to be a family who is there for one another for anything. Casual chatrooms compliment our gaming rooms to provide a well rounded community.


Less Drama

Our adult only gaming community seeks to host mature gamers who wish to play with other mature gamers. We have a no drama policy, which means more fun for you.


"Eternal is the best team I've been in."


Eternal Member

"A bot just nuked you!"


Eternal Staff

"Eternal has great structure great staff and a wonderful community..."


Affiliate Clan Member

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